Digital Switching

Digital Switching Systems Advantage

Digital Switching Systems continues to be the leading supplier of ruggedised, reliable, versatile, affordable and state-of-the-art digital switching technology. From beginning to end, DSS manages all of the details behind the design and manufacturing of each of their keypads, load controllers and gateways to ensure optimum performance to meet their customers' diverse needs.

With over 10 years of the collaborative efforts and experience of a global engineering team, Digital Switching Systems strives to continuously improve on ways to communicate with power and has developed and brought to the forefront omni-BUS, the most universal open source application software for managing multiplexed DC power distribution systems.

With more installations than all of its competitors combined, Digital Switching Systems has nearly 150,000 systems installed across the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Customers from the marine,  industrial and transportation industries continue to rely on Digital Switching Systems for their digital switching solutions every day.


Load Controllers

Digital Switching Systems’ load controllers are the intelligence of the system which uses solid-state relays for the switching of loads and over-current protection. Each load controller receives switch requests from the keypad(s) or other networked devices and then processes these commands based on the current system status.

The response to a switch request may be an activation or deactivation of a circuit, the start of a timed function, or, in systems with keyless ignition, the locking or unlocking of the system. The load controller the sends the system status information to the keypad display/LED or enables the backlights. Digital Switching Systems offers the most reliable, flexible and cost effective Solid State products that can be programmed in the field or pre-programmed at the factory.