Digital Switching | PowerCore 14

Powecore 14

The PowerCore 14 is Digital Switching Systems’ latest load controller product with the most advanced features now available. Loads up to 20 Amps per circuit are now available in a compact, IP67 enclosure with customer specified connectors. The PowerCore 14 can be expanded by using add-on modules of six circuits up to 28 total outputs or four high output circuits.

  • 14 switched outputs rated up to 24 Amps
  • Built in CAN andlor RS485 COMS Bus structure
  • Low side driver fuse protection
  • Optional externally replaceable fuses
  • 26 separate 1/0 ports for analogue, level and frequency sense
  • Dual power inputs of mixed voltages
  • Customer selectable connector schemes
  • Bypass capability for ALL circuits
  • Reverse feed protection
  • Four H bridges
  • PWM on all circuits
  • Completely sealed unit with an IP67 rating
  • Includes DSS SmartPortTM feature - a boot load application making it field programmable
  • And a host of other features using DSS open architecture omni-BUSTM platform


Supply Voltage 12-24VNominal 8-32V
Standby Current 55mA
Load current at 70˚C ambient 20A per output
Load current at 80˚ C ambient 18A per output
Input current 75A max
Communication BUS R5485 and/or CAN-bus


Connector Customer Specified
Mating Connector Customer Specified
Housing Cinch MODICE IP67 Enclosure
Power Lugs 10 AWG Unterminated Wire
PC Board 0.093" thick, NEMA Grade FR-4, 4 Layer clad with 3oz copper
PC board conformal coating/epoxy All components are Conformal coated
Operating Temperature -20˚C to +85˚C
Storage Temperature -40˚C to +85˚C
Humidity 0 to 98% (no condensation)
Salt Spray Per ASTMB, 17