Digital Switching | PowerCore 21

Powercore 21

The PowerCore 21 us Digital Switching Systems’ largest and most widely deployed solid state load controller and has been recently upgraded to handle loads up to 17 Amps per circuit. The new design also improves in-rush current protection and larger memory storage capacity for more advanced features.

  • 21 outputs rated to 15A
  • Two full H bridges
  • PWM on all outputs
  • IP67 sealed enclosure with Deutsch connector
  • Four level sense pins
  • Two frequency sense pins for RPM
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Includes D55 5martPortm feature - a boot load application making it field programmable
  • Includes all ofthe advanced software features ofthe omniBU5m platform


Supply Voltage 12V Nominal 8-16V or 24V Nominal 16-32V
Standby Current <30A per Load Controller
Load current at 70˚C ambient 17A per output
Load current at 80˚ C ambient 15A per output
Input current 6SAmax
Communication BUS RS-485 between keypad and load controller


Connector Deutsch DRC 13-40P-A004
Mating Connector Deutsch DRe 16-405-*
Housing BlackABs
Power Lugs 1/4-20 phosphor bronze, electroplated bright tin
Power lug hardware Silicone bronze hex nuts and float split washers
PC Board 0.093" thick, NEMA Grade FR-4, Double clad with 3oz copper
PC board conformal coating/epoxy All components are encased in electronics grade epoxy
Operating Temperature -20˚C to +85˚C
Storage Temperature -40˚C to +85˚C
Humidity 0 to 98% (no condensation)
Salt Spray Per ASTM8117